Leak Detection

People think repairing leaks is expensive, but this is far from the truth!.
Pools are made to be airtight, but sealants will deteriorate or simply wear out. Pools can be filtered through any of the accessories, pipes, drains or even through the frame.
It is important to repair leaks, not only to save water, and heat, but also to avoid undermining the structural components of the pool and removing the dirt that supports the walls of the pool and the deck. Besides the chemicals will not be balanced.

Sometimes knowing if your pool has a leak can be difficult to determine since climatic aspects affect the level of water evaporation.  

Amazing Pools will help you determine and solve it.

Our technicians will exhaustively examine your pool, including equipment, drains, lights, pipes, and the entire surface of the pool as well as testing pressure lines if needed for broken pipes.

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